Braces Payment Plan at Limestone Hills Orthodontics

At Limestone Hills Orthodontics, you’ll enjoy an outstanding treatment journey with our Orthodontist in Austin TX at an outstanding value with our Braces Payment Plans and Insurance options. We are your partner to assure finances are not a roadblock to your new amazing smile!
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Financial Information

After evaluating your case, Dr. Viecilli and our team will be able to determine a price that fits your specific orthodontic needs and work on your insurance and braces payment plan. We not only offer you an in-house payment plan without interest, but also manage all aspects of your braces insurance claim- a headache free courtesy service for you.

Interest-Free Payment Plans

We offer a discount of 3% to all patients that pay in full. Many patients have Health Savings Accounts, a tax benefit, or flexible spending plan and we accept both as a full payment for double savings for you!

We offer flexible payment plans with automatic bank drafts at Limestone Hills Orthodontics, and we’ll also check with your Texas insurance company for orthodontic benefits. You can pay with ACH transfers, credit or debit cards. We accept them all.

We offer a no credit check financing option through our practice software company. Our downpayments are very low compared to industry average, only $600 to start braces and $1000 for clear aligners. Our monthly payments are as low as 128/month!

If putting money down is currently a problem for you, you can apply for credit with Carecredit, Cherry or other 3rd party financing tools.

We’re happy to help you file insurance claims and paperwork, so to find out more, schedule your free consultation at our Northwest Austin Orthodontist office.

Convenient Online Payment Portal

All your payments can be done automatically, or you can change your payment method online anytime!

Tips for Budgeting Orthodontic Treatment

Absolutely, happy to help! Budgeting for orthodontic treatment can seem daunting, but with a few smart strategies, it can be much more manageable. First, it’s important to understand the full cost of treatment. Don’t hesitate to ask your orthodontist for a detailed breakdown of all costs involved. Next, consider various payment options. Many orthodontists offer payment plans that spread the cost over the duration of the treatment. You could also look into dental insurance plans that cover orthodontic treatment or consider using a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) if you have one. Additionally, doing some comparison shopping can also be beneficial. Prices can vary significantly between orthodontists, so getting a few quotes can help you find the most affordable option. Remember, a healthy, beautiful smile is an investment in your future!

We Accept Most Insurance Plans

Check our page about braces insurance plans (also applicable for Invisalign) for detailed information.


Can HSA be used to pay for monthly orthodontist payment plans?

Absolutely! You can indeed use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover your monthly orthodontist payment plans. It’s one of the great benefits of having an HSA. These accounts are designed to help you manage medical expenses, and orthodontic care definitely falls under that category. So, go ahead and use your HSA to keep your smile looking its best!

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