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We provide Invisalign® for Teens and Customized U-Lab Generic Aligners to help you perfect your smile without any metal brackets or wires.

Your Austin Orthodontist For Invisalign Teen

Dr. Rodrigo Viecilli is a world-renowned orthodontic biomechanics scientist situated in North Austin by Jester Estates. A professor at two of the best dental schools in the country, he has extensive experience treating patients of all ages with invisible aligners, surgically-assisted accelerated orthodontics, and lingual orthodontics. He has sold patents and conducted extensive research to improve aligner therapy. One of his patents was purchased by the largest Orthodontic company in the world.

He aims to continue his track record of excellence by providing the Austin community with outstanding orthodontic treatment. He ensures the fastest and best-looking results for his patients by using the most scientific treatment available.

What Does the Invisalign Treatment Look Like For Teenagers?

Invisalign® for Teens is a discreet, hassle-free way to address concerns such as crowded teeth, spacing irregularities, and bite issues. Our aligners are crafted from clear, virtually invisible plastic, so you can proudly wear them without your friends even noticing.

Eat Whatever You Like!

You may have pals stuck with traditional braces who can’t savor the simple joys of chewing gum or indulging in popcorn and whole apples. Well, with Invisalign® for Teens, you have the freedom to relish all your favorite foods whenever your heart desires. Just pop out your aligners and savor the flavors – it’s that easy.

Easily Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

What’s more, you can maintain your regular brushing and flossing routine with ease, ensuring your oral hygiene stays top-notch. Try achieving that level of convenience with clunky braces – it’s a whole different story.

Enjoy Your Active Lifestyle

Invisalign® for Teens is perfect for those who are actively engaged in sports, passionate about playing specific musical instruments, or simply want to avoid the spotlight that metal braces can bring at events like homecoming or in the yearbook.

As a teenager, you should have the freedom to pursue your interests and hobbies without worrying about how braces might affect your confidence at social gatherings. With Invisalign’s clear, comfortable technology and the expert guidance of Dr. Rodrigo Viecilli, teenagers can embrace their true selves and take pride in their smiles like never before.

Perfect for Busy Schedules

Compared to the demanding schedule of traditional metal braces, Invisalign® typically demands fewer visits. With your Invisalign® aligners supplied in advance, each appointment consumes less “chair time.”

On average, an Invisalign® for Teens patient will rendezvous with Dr. Rodrigo Viecilli approximately once every eight weeks, culminating in an overall treatment duration ranging from 9 to 15 months. It’s the convenience you’ve been longing for in your orthodontic journey!

Invisalign® Vs. Braces

Invisalign® has emerged as a popular choice for those who dream of achieving a perfect smile without the inconvenience of traditional braces. It is designed to address a wide range of orthodontic concerns and often promise a slightly swifter treatment journey.

However, when it comes to cases that require tooth extraction or gap closure, Metal braces often have an edge because of the sturdy support provided by their brackets and wires. But this doesn’t mean that Invisalign® can’t work for extraction cases at all. Dr. Viecilli has had numerous successful outcomes; it just demands exceptional patient cooperation. As a result, we generally recommend this approach for adult patients.

While adults make up a significant portion of our patients, we are thrilled to offer Invisalign® Teen or regular Invisalign for your whole family – a discreet solution that’s becoming increasingly popular among teenagers. Invisalign® Teen allows you to confidently realign your teeth without drawing attention to your ongoing orthodontic treatment.

Cost of Invisalign® in Austin

The cost of Invisalign® treatment is established in collaboration with the Invisalign® company, and it can vary based on the specific dental issues you’re looking to address. At Limestone Hills Orthodontics, we recognize that each patient has unique requirements.

The price range typically falls between $500 and $8000, depending on the scope of treatment needed to achieve your desired smile. Various factors influence the cost of Invisalign®, and in many instances, it is on par with the expenses associated with traditional braces.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Invisalign® is often covered by most dental insurance plans in Texas. Dr. Rodrigo Viecilli will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess your specific concerns and map out a realistic plan to attain your perfect smile.

To make Invisalign® more affordable for your family, we offer flexible financing options. The Limestone Hills Orthodontics team is readily available to address any inquiries regarding financing, payment arrangements, and assistance with insurance claims. Your path to a radiant smile is within reach!

Invisalign Vs. Generic Aligners

Most Invisalign patents fell several years ago, which opened the door for many companies to use the same technologies. Dr. Viecilli has done extensive research to compare which features of aligners work best for each case and often recommends generic aligners, which can save up to $1000 in treatment costs.

Dr. Viecilli sees no clinical difference in the performance of the generic aligners. You get to save money because Dr. Viecilli often personally handles the positioning and planning of the treatment, a task typically done by a technician when using Invisalign.

When it comes to choosing between Invisalign® and generic aligners, extensive training in physics and biomechanics is what generates the best results, not the type of appliance. At our clinic, most patients pick generic aligners, save money, get straight teeth and can even use their “profit” to go out on vacation!

We offer both options in our practice. You can make a well-informed decision and always change to Invisalign if you’d like if you are willing to pay for the branding! We’ve never had a single patient do this, but some patients prefer the branded Invisalign aligners with all guarantees Dr. Viecilli provides.

Talk to Limestone Hills Orthodontics About Invisalign®

Invisalign® excels at addressing a range of dental issues, including deep bites, rotations, and crowding. Moreover, its discreet and hygienic design makes it a preferred choice for many. Dr. Rodrigo Viecilli will provide expert guidance to determine the best Invisalign® options tailored to your unique needs.

Embark on your Invisalign® journey by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Rodrigo Viecilli at our Austin office. We’ll help you figure out if Invisalign® is the perfect fit for your path to a stunning smile.

Ortho for All Ages

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Everybody in Northwest Austin deserves a beautiful smile – children, teens, and adults.

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Count on us for high-quality, personalized, and clearly communicated orthodontic care.

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Affordable Smiles

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We’ll work with your budget to make sure that your new smile won’t break the bank.

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Do I have to wear Invisalign Aligners 24/7?

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Ensuring the success of your Invisalign® treatment means wearing your aligners diligently, ideally for a minimum of 22 hours daily, allowing them to work their magic in straightening your teeth. However, the beauty of Invisalign® at Limestone Hills Orthodontics lies in its flexibility – you can remove your aligners for those special moments and occasions.

Free Switch to Braces

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At Limestone Hills Orthodontics, we understand that aligners are a more expensive form of treatment and sometimes teenagers may not cooperate as much as they think they could for treatment to be successful.

For this reason, to guarantee that every patient leaves the practice with successful results, we offer a FREE switch to metal braces for any patient that is not obtaining the desired results with Invisalign or generic aligners.


What is Invisalign® for Teens, and how does it work?

Invisalign® for Teens is an orthodontic treatment that utilizes clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth. These aligners are custom-made for each teenager and gradually shift teeth into their proper positions over time.

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